We are all about making a positive impact on students' lives through financial education. Check out the graphs below to see how we've done.

The graph above shows the number of contacts year-to-date we've made through digital campaigns or activities, Money Mentors referrals, or live webinars compared to fiscal year 2020. Our fiscal years start July 1 and run through June 30th of the following calendar year.

We send bi-weekly enewsletters to students, employees, and parents who subscribe. The graph above shows the number of emails sent year-to-date for fiscal year 2021. This includes special edition enewsletters which may be sent outside of our normal bi-weekly schedule.

We've been facilitating the University of Illinois Financial Literacy Digital Badges Program since fall 2014. The graph above shows quizzes in the Badges Courses in Moodle completed between fiscal years 2019-2020.