Continuing Students

We all have our own routines that shape our day to day life.  Developing healthy financial habits now are key in preparing for life after college.  Considering new financial responsibilities, it is important to be as savvy as possible with your money.  Take the time to practice these skills and understand how beneficial they can be for your future.

Budget your money

Manage your loans

Build your credit

Plan your Living Situation

Pick a dining hall meal plan that works for you! Meal plans cost thousands of dollars, and it is important to look at how many meals / credits you will be receiving for the week.
Move in with minimal belongings. Save the shopping for food, toiletries and dorm room décor for after you move in. This way you will buy only what you need.
Do NOT bring a car. Each university is equipped with several transportation options (e.g., walk, bike, roller-blade, public transportation, etc.) and parking is outrageously expensive.