University of Illinois System

Special Educational Campaigns

During certain periods of the semester, we invite students to participate in specialized campaigns that focus on a particular aspect of your financial life related to borrowing and/or credit. The material for these campaigns are located in our Borrow badge course in Moodle. The modules associated with these campaigns are only available for a limited time, and there are different incentives associated with those specialized campaigns that you may be invited to participate in via email. Each module in Moodle will indicate what you need to do to qualify for those incentives (e.g., prize drawings). Here are a few examples:

Understand Your Refund

Understand Your Refund is available during the beginning of the fall & spring semesters. Completing the quiz associated with your University enters you to win a drawing for one of five prizes. The quiz is intended to help you understand how to manage your student account refund so you can avoid registration holds that impact thousands of students each semester.

Know What You Owe

Know What You Owe is available during the end of the fall & spring semesters. Completing the survey enters you to win a drawing for one of five prizes. This module is intended to help student loan borrowers stay aware of how much they're borrowing as well as how to manage their student loan debt.

Please Note...

If you enroll in the Borrow course for a special educational campaign, don't feel obligated to complete the whole course. Completing more modules won't increase your chances of winning a prize or qualifying for an incentive. However, do feel free to explore the content and provide feedback on how it can be enhanced to better answer your financial questions.