Financial Literacy Badges

The goal of the Badges Program is to provide a structured option for expanding student’s financial skills and knowledge related to each one of the above financial topics or “financial core competencies”. To earn a badge, you must complete at least three badge-eligible learning activities in a particular badge.

Each course is free and open to the public.

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Enrollment Instructions

To enroll in a Badges course,

  1. Click the button above correlated to the course you want to enroll in
  2. Click the NetID Login button & use your normal login credentials (requires 2FA)
    Moodle Login Screenshot
    • *If you are using the Moodle-Only Login option (for those that are not students or employees in the University of Illinois System), you'll use the following password to enroll: SMMC
  3. Under Self-enrollment (Student), click the orange "Enroll Me" button

Self-enrollment screen shot for Badges courses in Moodle