Learning about the core concept of earning is seemingly simple with many aspects of decision-making that can complicate your understanding of income. After obtaining the Earn badge, you should:

  • Understand your paycheck.
  • Know about potential benefits and taxes.
  • Be able to invest in your future / Know the value of your degree.
  • Understand the steps to start your own business.
  • Define customers, product competition & profit in entrepreneurship.
  • Recognize options for funding a small business.
  • Understand regulatory processes for small business (e.g., taxes, registrations, etc.).
  • Identify important considerations for negotiating employment compensation.
  • Understand methods of preparing for a job interview (e.g., job searches, mock interviews, researching potential employers).
  • Understand how new technologies can help diversify or enhance income.

To get the Earn badge, you must participate in at least three Earning-focused learning activities, at least one of which is highly encourages to be in person.

Check our calendar or the badges library for activities that count towards the Earn badge.