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The Earn course includes modules like:

Choosing a Financial Pro

We can't all be experts at everything! Choosing a Financial Pro talks about how financial professionals are paid, what their credentials mean, and how we can interview them to find a good match.

What's Your Job Worth?

What's Your Job Worth? explores how job benefits can add up to big dollars.  Walk into your new job ready to make informed choices that can significantly increase your net worth. 

Financial Wellness & First Professions

A lot comes with landing your first job. Financial Wellness & First Professions discusses cautions, considerations, and tips for getting through the first phase of your career post graduation.

Taxability of Waivers

Graduate level tuition & service fee waivers provided as a benefit of employment are considered taxable income by the IRS. Taxability of Waivers explains tax liability, relevant exemptions and more.

Funding School with Scholarships

College is expensive. Scholarships can help you diversify your income to pay for it, so let’s talk about the best ways to build your financial plan for school through Funding School with Scholarships.

Venture Badge

The UIC Entrepreneurial Support Program regularly hosts the Venture Workshop Series which you can earn a special Earn Badge for completing.

Enrollment Instructions

Enroll in the Earn Course

To enroll in a Badges course,

  1. Visit the Earn course link (button provided above).
  2. Click the orange NetID Login button. 
  3. Log in with your NetID & password (requires 2FA).
  4. Under Self-enrollment (Student), click the "Enroll Me" button.*
  5. Complete the modules that interest you.

Learning Objectives of the Earn Course

Learning about the core concept of earning is seemingly simple with many aspects of decision-making that can complicate your understanding of income. After obtaining the Earn badge, you should:

  • Understand your paycheck.
  • Know about potential benefits and taxes.
  • Be able to invest in your future / Know the value of your degree.
  • Understand the steps to start your own business.
  • Define customers, product competition & profit in entrepreneurship.
  • Recognize options for funding a small business.
  • Understand regulatory processes for small business (e.g., taxes, registrations, etc.).
  • Identify important considerations for negotiating employment compensation.
  • Understand methods of preparing for a job interview (e.g., job searches, mock interviews, researching potential employers).
  • Understand how new technologies can help diversify or enhance income.

To get the Earn badge, you must participate in at least three Earning-focused learning activities, at least one of which is highly encourages to be in person.

Check our calendar or enroll in the Earn badge course for activities that count towards the Earn badge.