The Save course includes modules like:

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Taking steps toward a financially stable future involves understanding concepts and establishing habits that will help you accomplish your goals for years to come. After obtaining the Save badge, you should:

  • Understand the importance of saving early.
  • Know what it means to pay yourself first.
  • Understand and establish a relationship with the financial system.
  • Know how to comparison shop.
  • Balance risk and return.
  • Be able to plan and save for long-term goals (e.g., retirement, child's education, etc.).
  • Track savings and monitor what you own.
  • Understand how new technologies can save you money.
  • How to reduce the cost of your education.

To get the Save badge, you must participate in at least three save-focused learning activities, ​at least one of which is highly encouraged to be in person.

Check our calendar or enroll in the Save badge course for activities that count towards the Save badge.