About SMMC


The Student Money Management Center (SMMC), a division of USFSCO, empowers University of Illinois’ students to make positive behavioral changes associated with their finances. Through a multi-faceted approach that integrates comprehensive online and in person platforms, we ensure students take control over their financial futures.


SMMC aims to create a community with an open and interactive dialogue that transcends all 3 University of Illinois campuses. With spending decisions confronting graduates throughout their lives, improving financial capability and knowledge is important for the overall well-being of our students. Through engaging techniques and resources, SMMC will become a valuable and heavily-utilized resource for University of Illinois’ students and graduates. We can overcome some of the obstacles historically associated with money management by utilizing innovative and entertaining ways of facilitating financial education


The SMMC maintains an educational website with financial resources, provides peer-to-peer mentoring and delivers group financial educational sessions for University of Illinois students. Additional services provided by the SMMC include the following:

Saving Tips and Tricks
Financial Literacy Materials
Budgeting Assistance
Financial Workshops, Seminars
and More!

Questions? Comments? Please email us at studentmoney@uillinois.edu.