International Students

From completing applications to packing your clothes and belongings, you have done a lot to prepare to study in the US. However, there’s one major item that is sometimes overlooked: finances. Proving that you can pay for tuition and living expenses in the US doesn’t always prepare you for the culture shock that can occur when you get here.

Budget your money

Know your tuition

You should be able to find out your tuition and fee rates by visiting the registrar's office website for your university:

You can use one of several cost of living calculators online to compare major international cities.

Banking in the USA

As an international student, you may want specific services or products from a financial institution, including ATM or online banking that is provided in several languages, lower wire transfer rates, or nation-wide branches (for easier access to your money when you travel over breaks!). Whatever you choose, it must be the right fit for you, and if the financial institution that you choose no longer meets your needs, you can always change to a different one.

What are the types of accounts or "products" to choose from?

  • Checking Account – checking accounts are often used to make purchases with a check, debit or direct deposit/ routing number.
  • Savings Account – savings accounts are often used to save money and pay interest on the balance; they are most commonly associated with emergency funds (used for unexpected expenses) or savings goals (like a trip or other expensive purchase).