The Borrow course includes modules like:

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Students at the University of Illinois take out upwards of $27,000 in student loans, on average, to pay for their undergraduate degree. After obtaining the Borrow badge, you should:

  • Know how much you owe in student loans.
  • Avoid high-cost borrowing.
  • Analyze, plan, and understand how to shop around for loans or other credit-based products.
  • Understand how information in your credit score affects borrowing.
  • Plan and meet your payment obligations.
  • Track your borrowing habits.
  • Understand pros & cons of using new technology for borrowing and managing debt.

To get the Borrowing badge, you must participate in at least three borrow-focused learning activities, at least one of which is highly encouraged to be in person. 

Check our calendar or enroll in the Borrow badge course for activities that count towards the Borrow badge.