UIC Student Financial Testimonials

"The financial obstacles I struggled with when I was in college were balancing my budget and prioritizing the items I believed were necessary. I also had to think about the future expenses I'd have before I bought anything. This would include, but was not limited to, going out for dinner, going shopping and other impulse items I'd be tempted to buy."

- Alefiya Shikari, UIC, December 2009

"As a result of working throughout college, I realized the real value of hard work and the effort it took to earn money. I also learned the importance of saving money and being prepared for unexpected situations. Even now, I'm thinking about starting a 401K and investing in stocks and bonds because I know that my social security won't help me too much when I retire. Not only are college advisers responsible for promoting higher education but they are responsible for informing students about careful monetary habits."

- Alefiya Shikari, UIC, December 2009

"Successes: community college, avoiding continuous credit card offers, maintaining a part-time job throughout college, commuted to UIC. Failures: FAFSA -> unknowledgeable about the filing process, missed important deadlines, Scholarships -> unaware of search and completion process."

- Rodrigo Lopez, UIC, December 2009

"One of my financial successes is the ability to balance my finances along with school and work. I worked between 20-30 hours a week while attending the university full-time, with the ability to pay all my bills and save extra money. I was also able to create a well thought out budget in order to remain consistent throughout my college career. Before I made the decision to take on more hours at work, I would work full time during the summer, and save as much as I could in order to create a budget for the school year. This also worked out really well for me while living in the dorms because there were not a lot of expenses to cover such as rent and food during this time."

- Eileen To, UIC, May 2010

"I am fortunate enough to say that I have not encountered any financial failures. Instead, I would like to mention 2 financial successes that I have experienced. The first was obtaining a credit card and never maxing it out. I always budgeted and kept track of what I purchased on it. The second was being able to save money every summer for fall semester books. As well, I saved up money during Christmas for my spring semester books. Overall, I was always aware of my expenses and avoided overspending."

- Patricia Martinez, UIC, December 2009