Student Status

Your status in school as well as your life stage has unique effects on your finances. We have tried to categorize some of the class status factors & resulting ways to address them when it comes to your money at school.

New Students & Freshmen should consider financial aid applications, selection of the appropriate meal plan/ housing, how majors & student loans will affect debt after college, as well as how to manage the transition from dependent living to more independent living.

Sophomores may or may not be living in the dorms, so determining housing options, resulting changes in living expenses, as well as trying to maintain/obtain further scholarships can be difficult. 

Juniors could be getting ready for graduate school with GMAT, MCAT, GRE or other test preparation, making focus on money management difficult given the normal amount of insane studying they already have to do for maintaining super grades in all regular coursework.

Seniors are often considering the amount of loans they have taken out (which hopefully is low), applying to graduate school and/or finding a job as well as a huge transition to “adult life”.  Making it through these four years of intense changes on top (financially and personally) can really help being an adult all the more rewarding & stable.

Graduate Students often have families, existing student loan debt, tuition waivers (that may or may not be taxed) as well as other existing financial responsibilities that affect their studies and their wallet.  Being prepared with the appropriate knowledge and skills to tackle these potential issues is extremely important to successful completion of a graduate degree.

International Students get on campus with a very unique set of needs.  Coming to a new country with (usually) a very different economy and set of banking procedures in place can be daunting without having to consider cultural differences in the exchange of money (e.g., tips, taxes, comparison shopping, etc.) so USFSCO SMMC has put together a few resources to help with the basics.

Alumni are often in a wide variety of life stages, starting families, having careers, buying or building houses… the list goes on.  But the important things to know as an Alumni is that there are resources to help with almost everything from student loan repayment options to obtaining a job.