When it comes to managing your finances, the resources available to help you are numerous and sometimes overwhelming.  Trying to decipher what is reliable and what should be disregarded can feel like a full time job, something most students do not have time for.  So we have tried to break down types of resources you can pull information from without feeling too terribly overwhelmed.

General information about money management is provided by several entities, many of them nonprofit organizations or websites ran by the government.  Make sure to double check the reliability of resources before giving out personal information.  If you have to buy that information, it probably is a scam, so just be careful.

University of Illinois has a multitude of resources on each of its campuses to help students.  We have highlighted the offices most commonly associated with money on each of the campuses, but don’t forget about student organizations, cultural houses or resource centers that provide free resources, lunches & events for you to take part in as a University of Illinois student.

Tools are not always limited to coupon books or expensive software when it comes to personal finance.  There are applications for your smartphone, Facebook apps to help you find scholarships & apply for financial aid as well as calculators to help you understand the impact of compounding interest on your student loan rates or savings accounts.

Games are quickly becoming one of the most favorable methods for learning financial information & techniques to managing it.  We have listed just a few of the hundreds of games available on the internet for people of all ages to have a little fun while learning about cash, coinage, banking & many other money-related topics.