Financial Tools

Budgeting Tools

Budget Builder

U of I Public Engagement created this useful tool to help you see exactly what is coming in and going out throughout the semester or year when it comes to your expenses and income.

Kiplinger’s Budget for Today and Tomorrow

not interested in linking your accounts online, but still want an online means of calculating your monthly costs?  Use Kiplinger’s online worksheet to help you stay on track each month.

free, online budgeting, expense-tracking and goal-setting tool to help you keep tabs on where your money is going and how close you are to reaching your financial dreams; available on iphone, android, and the web.

Financial Aid

Financial Awareness Counseling

interactive, online tool created by the Department of Education to help increase students’ awareness of student loan responsibilities and planning for the future

My College Dollars

facebook/web app to help students find more information about the FAFSA process and how to find money to pay for college

Direct Loan Calculators

the Department of Education’s Direct Loan program has a list of calculators for budgeting, repayment plans and loan consolidation



There are several cost of living calculators on the internet.  What’s nice about Areavibes is that it includes cost of living for all University of Illinois campuses: Chicago, Springfield, & Urbana-Champaign’s Financial Calculators has calculators to help you with almost every financial decision you’ll need to make throughout your life: savings, credit, investing, auto loans… you name it.

Bicycle Universe

Use the “Owning a Car vs. Not Owning a Car (Calculator)” to understand the annual cost differences associated with an automobile vs. a bicycle’s Calculators has calculators to help students and parents in a multitude of ways, from saving for college to understanding options for financing to paying down student loan debt after graduation’s Salary Wizard

Search US, Canadian or Executive salaries by job title and location using’s salary wizard for free; the students section can also help you learn more about a career, choose a school, identify your dream job or take tests to help choose a career

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